About Friends Alive

This website is the result of a radical look at the reality of life for Adults who suffered sexual abuse in childhood.

The effects of this can isolate us from humanity.

I state strongly, It is possible to attack the damage and make recovery happen. We cannot deny our past, but we can turn the vision of living to reality. It is our right, your right!

Through this site, we will release the power that has allowed us to survive, and become a worldwide force against childhood abuse, and we will recognise our right to enjoy living.

On this site, you will find friendship, the strongest force we have. Friends-Alive has many meanings. We will help keep people alive. We will join in the circle of friendship and become an unbreakable force against wrong. Standing for what is right together, we will use our experiences to overcome.

My aims have come as a result of my life experience.

I was born into a religious cult and repressed most of my life. I was sexually abused by the pure leader of that cult and lived for many years thinking I had been favoured.

I have been abused by both male and female.

I have desired death and failed to complete suicide.

I struggle with self harm.

When the past caught up with me 30 odd years later, my physical health failed. I became unable to work.

Friends Alive

My Aim

I will work at raising the profile of our rights. To openly deal with the concept of guilt, stigma and filth we as abused carry.

I will fight to have the Government change the advisory schemes of child protection within groups, to mandatory.

Raise the profile of the horrific effects of PTSD and expose the short comings in the present health services, so they can be improved on. Expose the cult system in which I was abused.

Expose actions taken by the Royal Bank of Scotland and staff when I was very ill and dysfunctional. Should we be pushed over the edge? Should money and red tape come before life? What has the highest value? My book, The Life of a Nobody which is being completed for publication explains in detail what life has been like. Coping with the trauma of childhood, becoming dysfunctional, losing everything I had worked for, coping with bureaucracy through that 7 year period, what we live with and have to deal with on a daily basis.

I know many can relate to this and suffer the same.

Friendship; the power of recovery and life.

Further Information..

If you would like any further information or have any enquiries about any of the topics raised on this site, and would like to get in touch, please feel free to email info@friends-alive.com.

This website is still in development, and should be online shortly. We will offer advice, discussion forums, and details on seminars Alan Robertson will be attending.

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